'Sexist' garage ad banned for demeaning women

The "demeaning" ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A “sexist” ad that appeared in a premium car magazine has been banned for objectifying women.

The advert featured the lower half of a woman’s body positioned underneath a car, surrounded by tools and a handbag.

The ad for a garage appeared in the 911 and Porsche World Magazine in February, and was captioned “attractive servicing”.

The Advertising Standards Authority responded to a single complaint the ad was “offensive and irresponsible” because it was “degrading and sexist” towards women.

The watchdog has concluded the ad was “demeaning” towards women and was likely to cause “serious offence” to some people.

However the Leeds-based garage Strasse is fighting back.

It’s said the female model was “fully clothed” and “empowered” by the use of power tools.

The model is wearing a tight black dress, leggings and bright pink high heels.

Strasse has said the “attractive servicing” tagline referred to their pricing, and they hadn’t received any complaints.

An ASA spokesman has explained the decision, and said by hiding the woman’s head the “lower half of her body became the main focus of the ad”.

"We considered the phrase 'attractive servicing' would be understood to be a double entendre, implying the woman featured in the ad was the 'attractive' part of the servicing.”

He added: “although the image was only mildly sexual in nature, when combined with the phrase 'attractive servicing' it had the effect of objectifying women.”

Next month the Advertising Standards Authority will bring in new rules that stop companies using gender stereotypes in advertising.

For instance, ads that feature men as useless cooks or imply that women are unable to park a car will be banned.

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