Sexual harassment at work: Julia Hartley-Brewer says 'many of my generation wouldn't even consider some of these 'offences''

Julia said we should be careful about sexual harassment surveys

Julia said we should be careful about sexual harassment surveys

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer said "hashtag MeToo-ism" is warping the true nature of sexual harassment, adding that women of her generation would not consider many of the offences highlighted by young women today.

Julia was speaking to MP Maria Miller, chair of the women and equalities committee, which is currently examining the use of non-disclosure agreements as part of their inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. Specifically, the committee is looking at whether female staff are being paid off to cover up harassment.

Miller told Julia that around half of women in Britain suffer sexual harassment, adding that, for many young girls, having their bottoms slapped and knickers pulled down is an everyday occurrence. But Julia argued that this is a major exaggeration.

"A lot of my generation wouldn't consider [much of what is reported]," Julia said, adding that someone touching you on the shoulder isn't the same as them grabbing your bottom.

"Ordinary human interactions between men and women are now being regarded as almost criminal," Julia continued. "The vast majority of women do not walk into their workplace every day, fearful of being sexually harassed."

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