Shadow international trade secretary says UK should be 'co-decision makers' with EU post-Brexit

Barry Gardiner

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The shadow international trade secretary has called for Theresa May to put forward the idea of becoming "co-decision making partners" with the EU to advance Brexit negotiations.

Barry Gardiner MP appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the EU president, Donald Tusk's, recent comments that there was "no grounds for optimism" on Britain securing a Brexit deal.

Ahead of her attendance at a Brexit summit in Brussels today, Mr Gardiner suggested Theresa May should tell the EU that the UK wants to work "jointly" and "co-operatively".



Mr Gardiner told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Ms May should tell the EU: "We should have a new customs union with you, but we also want to have independence in our trade policy, and therefore what we would like to do is negotiate with you that new customs union should be won in which we are a co-decision making partner with you."

He added: "What we could say to them tonight is actually, we want a separate arrangement where we have the power of veto so you can't dictate to us, we can't dictate to you, but we can work jointly, co-operatively, together, in our future trade agreement arrangement."

The politician said that a no-deal Brexit was "a real problem" and would not be backed by Labour MPs.

"She [Theresa May] can't just come back and say 'Well I'm sorry guys, I know it hasn't gone very well but this is all I've managed to do and therefore you've got to vote for it, because the option is worse'".