Shakira has a doppleganger - and you won't believe how alike they are

Can you tell them apart?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

They say everyone in the world has someone who looks like them, but in Shakira's case, she's virtually got an identical twin. 

Meet Rebecca Maiellano, i.e Shakibecca:

The singer-songwriter comes from Venezuela, and she is billed as Shakira's International Double. 

She not only looks like the singer, but also trained herself to mimic her voice, choreography, cosmetics, and costumes worn by the Colombian superstar. In fact she's earning a nice little living out of it.

The resemblance is so close, you might not be able to determine which one is which. We certainly couldn't when we first looked.

Shakira is aware of Maiellano. Here's her reaction (just to clear the person in the video is Shakira, not her doppleganger).