Shaun Bailey: Politician labelled a 'token ghetto boy' by Emma Dent Coad rips into Jeremy Corbyn

'Jeremy Corbyn's been muted, Emma Dent Coad seems to not be facing any discipline', says Shaun Bailey

The MP for Kensington (centre) wrote a blog calling Shaun Bailey a 'token ghetto boy'

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Shaun Bailey has blasted Emma Dent Coad for remarks made about him in a blog post seven years ago, and said the affair shows Jeremy Corbyn has no control.

Dent Coad, who was elected MP for Kensington in the 2017 election, had written a blog post in 2010 about Bailey, then a parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith.

She called Bailey a "token ghetto boy" and quoted supposed neighbours saying he was a "free-loading scumbag", leading to accusations of racism.

Dent Coad apologised for the remarks after they resurfaced on Monday. But Bailey - now a member of the London Assembly - didn't hold back when he was interviewed by Julia Hartley-Brewer.

He said: "The Labour Party has often spoken about the black community as if it owns it and this feels like a comment in that vein. Jeremy Corbyn talks a good game about caring, sharing politics; he’s yet to prove it.

"When a Tory MP steps out of line, they loose the whip. Corbyn will have to take that into account while making his deliberations on this.

"Currently he’s been very muted, nothing’s been said, Emma seems to not be facing any discipline at all. I really hope he does deal with her."

He claimed the remarks on the blog post showed Dent Coad had a misplaced sense of "moral purity" and was said she should take a look in the mirror.

"The use of a term ‘ghetto boy’ is particularly offensive," Bailey said.

"That’s what she was going for, calling people scumbag. You’re not trying to open up debate, you’re trying to intimidate, to bully. She doesn’t have the right to destroy people’s narrative to support her own.

"The fact that people are interested in that is because it’s a London story. There’s millions listening to this now who have the same story, and she just wanted to undermine that because she feels she has some moral purity which has obviously been disproven.

"I’d ask her to look at herself. I don’t need an apology, but I do need her to not inflict this kind of bullying behaviour on people trying to get involved in public life."

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