Shaun Bailey promises ‘tough and tender’ approach to crime

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has promised to back the police and “give people a stake in society” in order to tackle crime in the capital.

The Conservative hopeful, who was a youth worker for more than 25 years, told talkRADIO that a “tough and tender” approach was necessary to make streets safer.

On the “tough end”, he promised a “record number of police” and the reopening of police stations to ensure there are at least two in each borough.

Mr Bailey also pledged to “back the police to do the job” by giving them stop and search powers as well as the technology for scan and search, which is another way of detecting weapons concealed under clothing.

However, he also stressed the importance of the "tender end", proposing a “second chance fund” to break the cycle of reoffending.  

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: “People have to feel like that have some future or they have some ownership because then they don’t offend.

“If you’re not connected to us then it’s alright to attack us but if you are connected you see things differently.”

Mr Bailey also criticised the current Mayor Sadiq Khan as a “ruthless career politician”.

In a dig against his election rival, he said: “Being Mayor of London is about doing things, not talking, not making yourself look good but making life easier for Londoners.”

The London Mayoral election will take place on May 7.

Alongside Mr Bailey and Mr Khan, Rory Stewart is running as an independent, Green Party co-leader Sian Berry is running for her party and Siobhan Benita for the Liberal Democrats.

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