'She destroyed Britain' - George Galloway tears into Margaret Thatcher in opening rant

'She destroyed Britain' - George Galloway tears into Margaret Thatcher in opening rant

Our host said the former Prime Minister had 'systematically dismantled Britain'

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

George Galloway blasted Margaret Thatcher in the opening monologue of his show on Tuesday.

Our host, who was covering for James Whale, delivered the clinical character assassination in his usual eloquent style on the 27-year anniversary of Thatcher's resignation as Prime Minister.

He said: "Someone said on Twitter today that while we’ve got things just as bad under Theresa May, I said if you think that, you weren’t there.

" Margaret Thatcher destroyed this country. Destroyed everything that was good about this country.

"Destroyed our coal industry, our steel industry, our automotive industry, our railway workshop industry, shipbuilding, she systematically dismantled Britain, unshackled it from the floor.

"She flooded its deep mines with thousands years of coal within, leaving us utterly dependent on foreign sources of energy thereafter.

"She sowed discord and hatred in the country, divisions which have never healed."

Galloway went on to rip into the poll tax, "a tax so hated that even the Tories could no longer tolerate it.

"By strange chance, last Saturday, not last Saturday but the week before, I was at Old Trafford and sat next to the man who'd introduced me on the podium, on the platform, in Trafalgar Square at the poll tax riot. 

"It was a riot all right, and I don't approve of riots. But it got rid of Margaret Thatcher."

There was also time to discuss Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the "bigot" Arlene Foster.

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