Shots fired at Notre Dame cathedral 'after man attacks police with hammer'

'Shots fired' at Notre Dame cathedral

Police are attending an incident at Notre Dame cathedral (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Police asked members of the public to stay away from Notre Dame cathedral in Paris today (June 6) after a man attacked a police officer.

Reports claim police shot the man who attempted to assault an officer. It is said that the attacker was armed with a hammer.

Local media has said the suspect was wounded on the chest and police say he has been taken to hospital.

Crowds are reported to have "scattered" amidst panic and the cathedral was put on lockdown, leaving many people trapped inside.

The Independent reported that a cordon was also put in place around the area to look for any suspect devices or accomplices.

Police have confirmed that one officer has been injured in the incident.

The French counter-terrorism office is opening an investigation into the matter but police say the operation at the cathedral is over.