Showbiz news with Jon Holmes: Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and Amanda Holden

Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and Amanda Holden, it's Jon Holmes' Showbiz News

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It can be hard to keep track of the latest celebrity gossip, so who better to give us the lowdown than Reece from talkSPORT – "a man who has no interest in, or knowledge of, showbiz news".

Jon Holmes agreed, and asked Reece to bring him up to speed on all the latest tales from the red carpet. 

First up, the news of a woman claiming she is Michael Jackson's secret ex-lover and is releasing a book about their relationship, which resulted in 'paid intern' Cornelius becoming confused about how long the relationship lasted.

The discussion took a more sombre turn as Reece also revealed Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, just three days after the death of his mother. Not a great week, then, for the Alice Through The Looking Glass star

Amanda Holden took part in a naked photoshoot for animal charity PETA to encourage fans to become vegetarian, and the photo wasn't retouched. Jon, though, wasn't entirely sure the campaign made much sense...

Listen to the full Showbiz News with Reece to find out more.