Simon Jenkins 'pale, stale male' article rubbished by talkSPORT's Mike Graham

'You can't blame everyone else for the fact you're not where you want to be in life', says Mike Graham

Simon Jenkins wrote a column mapping out the problems faced by straight white males in the 21st century

Thursday, December 15, 2016

talkSPORT and talkRADIO presenter Mike Graham has rubbished the views laid out by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian today, suggesting you can't blame political correctness if you don't get on in life.

Jenkins wrote a column entitled Pale, stale males are the last group it’s OK to vilify. He objects to people calling white males in high positions adjectives such as "hideous."

The journalist appeared on Sam Delaney's show and reiterated his views, saying he felt like a black person 30 years ago and suggesting that the best way to get a good job in the 21st century is to be a black woman.

However Graham told Sam Delaney: “I come from a generation of people who actually had to fight quite hard to come out of whatever situation I was in.

"Don’t start blaming everyone else for the fact you’re not getting where you want to be," he added. "Very large swathes of people in this country do not have access to anything... they could be white, they could be black."

Journalist and entrepreneur Alex Proud joined the conversation and said: "I know Simon’s trying to make it a point but I think he’s made that point very badly.

"Older people in general are massively undervalued by society," he said. "We still have problems with prejudice [in all areas] in society."

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