Singer Kiki Dee on 'natural melody man' Elton John's retirement

Singer Kiki Dee on 'natural melody man' Elton John's retirement

Kiki Dee says she has many favourite Elton John songs

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Singer Kiki Dee has given her thoughts on Elton John's retirement, saying he's "a natural melody man."

Elton has announced that he will stop touring so that he can prioritise his family, but he'll be doing a final three-year world tour starting in September.

Dee, well known for singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart with the star, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think it makes sense actually he’s still going to be writing, performing, he’s got so much going on."

She described him as "a natural melody man" and said she has "so many favourite [Elton John songs] that I love to listen to."

The singer also revealed "I’m hoping that I’ll get an invite" to Elton's last tour to sing with him.

She thinks her friend has finally found "a fantastic life balance", but she still questioned "how he does it at his age."

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