Single woman with terminal cancer takes her own wedding photo to fulfil dream

Woman with terminal cancer has wedding photo shoot by herself to achieve her dream

Chen Bo-yu posed with four different dresses (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A woman with terminal cancer has taken part in a wedding photo shoot, despite not having a partner to appear in photos with her.

Chen Bo-yu was told she had terminal breast cancer in 2015, not long after being told she was free of the disease she had been fighting for two years. 

After firstly being devastated by the news, the Taiwanese woman decided she would instead complete her life-long dreams, according to Shanghaiist.

Her biggest dream was to have a wedding photo shoot, so she decided to complete the set of photos alone, as she could no longer wait to find someone to marry.

For the photo shoot she wore four different dresses and posed near flowers and church steeples by herself.

Bo-yu told Apple Daily: "Every girl dreams of wearing a wedding dress, and I was always waiting for someone to wear the dress for. But after I got sick, I think it is okay to do it alone."

The photos have been published in Cosmopolitan and Brides magazines. Bo-yu welcomes the publicity, saying she wants to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage other people to chase their dreams.

Bo-yu is now planning a holiday in Bali with her mother, as it will be her own honeymoon.