Sir Bernard Jenkin: EU 'unaccountable' and 'out of touch'


Friday, March 22, 2019

Sir Bernard Jenkin has slammed the EU, branding it "unaccountable" and "out of touch".

The Conservative MP made the comments during an appearance on the breakfast show, in the wake of EU leaders granting the UK an extension to Article 50.

"They could have said ok, the UK wants to leave the EU, let's see how to do this in the most cooperative and friendly way possible," he told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"Instead, they are toying with the UK and I think it's disgusting."

Sir Bernard turned his attention to European Council president Donald Tusk, claiming jokes he made during a summit in Brussels yesterday to discuss the Brexit delay were "absolutely disgusting".

Among the jokes the official made was one referencing his "special place in hell" comments, joking that "hell is still empty".


'Disgusting for him to be cracking jokes'

"What I hear is an unelected president of the EU laughing and cracking jokes while people are worried about their job and their security and the uncertainty that their behaviour has created," he said.

"It's absolutely disgusting for him to be cracking jokes and having fun when businesses all over Europe are wondering what they're going to be doing in 10 days' time."