Sir Ed Davey: Democracy cannot have 'a gun to its head'

Friday, September 6, 2019

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ed Davey said his party would only support a general election once a no-deal Brexit was “off the table”.

The party’s deputy leader told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer Parliament must “give democracy a chance to work without a gun to its head”.

“We’ve been working cross-party with Conservative rebels, with Labour, the SNP and so on to stop a no-deal Brexit which is clearly where we were heading,” he said.

“The only way to stop that is to ensure the general election happens after that date [October 31].”

Sir Ed said anyone familiar with Boris Johnson’s behaviour over the course of his political career “would be crazy to trust the man” and Brexit must be taken out of his hands.

“Parliament has now taken control of this issue at long last because no one trusts him including his own side,” he said.

“I’m afraid we cannot trust the Prime Minister. He’s the least trustworthy Prime Minister ever to be in Number 10 and so of course we’re not going to trust him.”

The Liberal Democrats have pushed for a second referendum instead of a general election, and Sir Ed said there is a “very simple reason why”.

“In a general election first of all there are a whole range of other issues that people are focusing in on. The health service, schools police and so on when actually the one question that Parliament hasn’t been able to solve is the issue of whether we should stay or leave,” he said.

“After three years, after the previous election we’ve clearly not solved it so the only way is to take it back to the people.”

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