Sir Ivan Rogers felt left out of Brexit plans, former ambassador tells George Galloway

'Sir Ivan Rogers didn't feel involved enough in the government's Brexit plans', former ambassador tells George Galloway

Sir Ivan Rogers resigned over Brexit

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sir Ivan Rogers clearly didn't feel involved enough in the Government's plans for Brexit, a former British ambassador has told George Galloway.

Rogers resigned from his role as the UK's ambassador to the EU last week, after criticising the Government over Brexit. He has now been replaced by Sir Tim Barrow. 

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray told George Galloway: "Plainly he felt he wasn’t sufficiently being included in the Government’s plans.

“It is very difficult to carry out a policy you fundamentally disagree with," he added. “Part of the problem is that it’s not at all plain what the policy is."

They also spoke about Tony Blair's new centrist organisation, which is set to fight Brexit: "It won’t affect public opinion in any way and if anything Tony Blair will make people even more against the European Union than they already were," Murray said.

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