Sir Ivan Rogers' resignation 'a blow to those who want the best Brexit deal', says leading Remainer

Rogers resigned yesterday and has criticised the "muddled thinking" behind the Brexit process

Sir Ivan Rogers (right) with former Prime Minister David Cameron

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The co-executive director of Open Britain has called the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers "a blow" to those who want to see Britain get the best possible Brexit deal.

The EU ambassador resigned yesterday (Tuesday), and his email of resignation has been revealed by The Times and the BBC today. In the email, he blasts the "muddled thinking" of a government which, in his opinion, has not sorted its "Brexit priorities". 

James McGrory told Julia Hartley-Brewer Rogers was "a big loss", adding: "He seems to have taken a lot of flack for telling ministers what they don’t want to hear, and for telling necessary truths.

"I know it’s unfashionable to value experience and expertise in spades, but Sir Ivan had that.

"This, by definition, means we won't have it as we embark on unprecedented negotiations in terms of depth and complexity with the rest of the EU.

"This is a blow to those who want the best deal in the Brexit negotiations."

Listen to the interview above.