Sir John Redwood will support May despite deal being 'worse than staying in the EU'

Sir John Redwood will support May despite deal being 'worse than staying in the EU'

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sir John Redwood MP told Julia Hartley-Brewer that despite thinking Theresa May’s deal was “worse than staying in the EU”, he and his Conservative colleagues would not be voting against the Prime Minister in the confidence motion tabled by Jeremy Corbyn.

He also rubbished the idea of a second referendum.

“There is no majority in the house of commons to legislate for a second referendum,” he told Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO.

“There is no need for a second referendum, the question was very clear - ‘do you wish to leave or do you wish to remain’.

“We answered it very clearly and we expect the government and parliament to carry that through.”


'Nothing like the Brexit we voted for'

Hartley-Brewer noted EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s reaction to Mrs May’s defeat, and asked if the EU had been too hopeful.

Mr Barnier addressed the EU parliament in the aftermath of the vote, saying he feared a no deal scenario, and urged the UK to be “ambitious” with the next steps.

“Michel Barnier has issued a statement to the European parliament saying he ‘profoundly regrets’ this vote,” said Hartley-Brewer.

“Did the EU overplay their hand when the Prime Minister was busy offering everything but the kitchen sink, and the EU grabbed it all with both hands?”

“I think they did, I said at the time it wasn’t a deal that any normal person could accept, it created a far worse situation for the United Kingdom than even staying in the EU,” said Mr Redwood.

“It certainly wasn’t anything like the Brexit that we all voted for. In fairness to the European Union, however, I think the government on the UK side did badly mishandle the negotiations… the UK seemed to be saying it wanted to be half in and half out, and the one thing that unites the European Union and the Eurosceptics is that that is not possible and neither side wants it.”


'Don't play games with Corbyn'

Image: Parliament Live TV

On the confidence motion scheduled for Wednesday evening, Hartley-Brewer asked by MPs would support Mrs May.

“The subject of tonight’s motion and vote is confidence in the government as a whole. I and my colleagues take the view that we were elected to parliament in the Conservative interest, and you do not play party political games against your own government to encourage Mr Corbyn,” said Mr Redwood.

“This is a political stunt by Mr Corbyn, and it will unite the Conservative party against him.”