Sir Keir Starmer: Clarity and reassurance in ‘short supply’

Monday, May 11, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer has grilled Boris Johnson in the House of Commons over his roadmap for easing coronavirus restrictions in the UK.

The Labour leader criticised the Prime Minister for having announced new measures in a televised speech before he presented the full document to Parliament.

He said: “What the country needs at this time is clarity and reassurance, and at the moment both are in pretty short supply.

“And at the heart of the problem, it seems, is that the Prime Minister made a statement last night before the plan was written or at least finalised. That has caused considerable confusion.”

The opposition leader quizzed Mr Johnson over when safety guidelines would be published for those now being “actively encouraged” to return to work and for public transport operators.

The government is now urging people who cannot work from home to go back to work if they can do so while observing two-metre social distancing rules. But it has also advised to avoid using public transport if possible.

Sir Keir pressed on when more detailed advice would be made available.

Mr Johnson responded: “When you’re coming out of a message that is so gloriously simple as “stay at home”, there will inevitably be complexities that he has rightly alluded to.”

He said the government will publish guidelines for employers tonight and for transport tomorrow.

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