Sir Michael Fallon insists UK won't close itself off despite immigration paper leak

Sir Michael Fallon insists UK won't close off as Home Office immigration paper leak causes political row

The Defence Secretary appeared on BBC Breakfast to defend the Government

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Cabinet minister has insisted the UK will not close itself off from EU migrants after Brexit, despite leaked proposals to drastically cut the number of low-skilled migrants.

The Home Office document, leaked to the Guardian, suggests Britain will end free movement of labour as soon as the Brexit process is complete, and will deter all but the most skilled entrants from mainland Europe.

The leaked document has prompted a political row ahead of a key vote on the Great Repeal Bill in the House of Commons.

Sir Michael Fallon insisted the leak did not represent the final position of the Government, and stressed that foreign workers who can "make a contribution" to the UK economy will be still be welcome.

However the defence secretary, speaking to BBC Breakfast, appeared to back the overall plan to reduce and manage immigration, saying it had been what voters wanted.