Sir Philip Green: Norman Lamb MP backs proposals to fine billionaire

Sir Philip Green: Norman Lamb MP backs proposals to potentially fine billionaire

Sir Philip Green

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb has thrown his support behind new plans to potentially fine Sir Philip Green. 

The tycoon could be forced to pay out £1bn to plug the BHS pensions debt under proposals put forward by the Government.

The Work and Pensions Committee, chaired by Labour MP Frank Field, has urged the Government to introduce a deterrent to make it clear that companies and business owners remain responsible for their pension schemes.  

Lamb, the MP for North Norfolk and one of Green's most vocal critics, fully backed the proposals. 

"I think there need to be consequences for everyone involved," he told Paul Ross. "I think anything that acts as a deterrent to people like Sir Philip Green behaving in the way he did with such an appalling impact on pensioners [is to be encouraged] . 

"I welcome this tougher approach - he should never have been allowed to absolve his responsibility to the pensioners.

"The behaviour is so bad that it ought to be punished. It's quite extraordinary."