Sir Philip Green 'oversaw biggest scandal since financial crash' says chair of Parliament's business watchdog

Sir Philip Green seen here with his daughter Chloe (l) and model Naomi Campbell

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sir Philip Green oversaw the biggest corporate scandal since the global financial crisis of 2008.

That's according to the chairman of Parliament's business committee, Iain Wright, who also said Green "needs to get off that yacht and do something" about the pensions 'black hole' at his former company BHS. 

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Wright - who previously said Green "beat BHS black and blue" before abandoning the troubled retailer - suggested it was an insult the retail magnate had taken ownership of a third yacht when so many of his former employees had lost their jobs.

Earlier, an awards specialist Mark Llewellyn-Slade had speculated that Green may pay to retain his knighthood. 

Listen to the interview with Iain Wright above or click here to listen to the Mark Llewellyn-Slade interview.