Sir Vince Cable on Brexit: 'I wasn't sneering at old people by saying they shafted the rest'

Sir Vince Cable: 'I'm not sneering at older people'

The Lib Dem Leader clarified his meaning to Paul Ross

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sir Vince Cable has clarified comments he made about elder people over the weekend. 

The leader of the Liberal Democrats claimed elder people in the UK had "comprehensively shafted" the younger generation in regard to their vote to leave the European Union. 

Sixty four percent of over-75s voted to leave in the EU referendum last year, while 71% of under-25s opted to remain. 

In an interview with Paul Ross and Carole Malone, he said his meaning had been misinterpreted.

He said: "I’m not sneering at them, I’d be sneering at myself.

"I’m not trying to belittle the good things about this country.

"I was merely drawing attention to a YouGov survey in the week, which suggested there were quite large numbers of people who had given up on the idea of an economic benefit of leaving, who accept there’ll be a significant overall cost.

"I was also pointing out a substantial majority of those people, according to the survey, were older, had state pensions, who are not in work, and will be imposing this cost on younger working people."

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