Sir Vince Cable on Brexit: 'Remain is almost certain to be a good deal better'

Sir Vince Cable

Monday, September 17, 2018

Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable, has clashed with Julia Hartley-Brewer after claiming a second Brexit referendum is needed as the "world has moved on enormously" since the original vote.

Appearing on the breakfast show, Sir Vince claimed that voters should have "the right to change their mind" amid the possibility of leaving the EU without a formal deal.

"If they stick with their original judgment well they, Brexiteers, will win that argument. The fact is the world has moved on enormously since we had that debate almost two years ago.

"The Chequers plan has been shot to pieces by people in her own cabinet, let alone critics outside. I think the consequences are becoming much more apparent and some people might say 'ok we'll put up with it', others may wish to change their mind and we want to give them the right to change their mind."

When asked by Hartley-Brewer if general elections should also be voted on again if people changed their minds, Sir Vince said: "No that would be silly. 

"We've got a clearer view about what no-deal, or Theresa May's deal, might actually involve and it seems perfectly reasonable and democratic to go back to the public and say 'are you happy with this thing she's got or would you rather stay in the European Union?'.

"We now know that remain is almost certain to be a good deal better than the deal which is potentially on offer, or the no-deal arrangement.

"The Conservative party have had an internal argument about Europe which has gone on forever and made life hell for John Major and then for Cameron, and that's [Brexit] how they tried to resolve it."

"If people voted to leave, would you accept that" Hartley-Brewer pressed.

"Of course, and that is the end of it," Sir Vince said.