Sir Vince Cable: 'Lib Dems could make spectacular comeback if Theresa May holds early election'

Sir Vince Cable: 'Lib Dems could return in spectacular comeback if Theresa May holds early election'

The former MP for Twickenham claimed an early election could be the chance for the Lib Dems to return

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sir Vince Cable has said the Liberal Democrats could return in force if Theresa May were to hold an early General Election. 

The Liberal Democrats suffered electoral disaster in 2015, plummeting to just eight seats, after heavy criticism of their performance as part of David Cameron's coalition government.

However, Cable - the former MP for Twickenham and Business Secretary - said the current atmosphere in politics might allow for a "spectacular comeback."

He told Paul Ross: “I think the way forward is we will almost certainly attract a load of Conservatives disillusioned with the way Theresa May has walked away from Europe and there are people who can’t see the Labour Party returning under its current leadership.

"So there is a gigantic space in the middle centre-ground and we’ve filled that in the past, with good track record in government and appealing values.

"I think a lot of people regret what happened [over recent months] and feel our absence from parliament has weakened it.

"If the chatter among Tory MPs is true, that they’re pushing Theresa May to have an early election to gain legitimacy, then we might have a spectacular comeback."