Sir William Cash: 'These agitators threatening to try to unwind this deal will get their comeuppance'

Monday, November 5, 2018

Sir William Cash has said that the British people are “fed up” with “Remoaners threatening to try and unwind this deal”, after MPs have been urged to vote down an deal on the EU and call for another Brexit referendum.

Mr Cash, the chair of the European Scrutiny Committee told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “These agitators, Remoaners and reversers are simply defying the will of the British people, that is the real problem.

“This project fear that we are witnessing at the moment, I personally think people get fed up with.

“I sincerely trust that the British people will make sure that these people are firmly put in their place and the people in the House of Commons who are threatening to try to unwind this deal will get their comeuppance.

“Quite frankly, it is a complete disgrace.”


'Government is not frozen in time' 

MPs have been urged by 1,400 top lawyers to call for another Brexit vote, and have written to Theresa May to say that Parliament should not be held back by the 2016 vote.

 "Democratic government is not frozen in time," the letter said.

On Sunday, former Prime Minister Tony Blair also called for MPs to vote down Mrs May’s deal in favour of a People’s Vote.

Writing in the Sunday’s Observer, the former Prime Minister said that there was no deal Mrs May can secure that would be good for the country.

“We are approaching Brexit crunch time,” he wrote.

“Everyone is going to come under intense pressure to agree a ‘reasonable deal’, Labour MPs especially. They should resist. There is no ‘reasonable deal’.

“There is the pointless, the painful or fudge through postponement of the core issues. Each option is bad. MPs should vote it down and give the people the final say.”