Snap election: 'Some Labour MPs are willing to commit political suicide to remove Jeremy Corbyn'

'Snap election suicide for the Labour Party, but some who see no option to remove Jeremy Corbyn', says Sun Columnist Trevor Kavanagh

A Sun Columnist said there are some in Labour who want the election in order to get rid of the Labour leader

Monday, March 20, 2017

A prominent columnist for The Sun has said there are some in the Labour Party who see a snap election as the only way to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn - even if it means destroying the party.

The possibility of a early General Election has been floating around Westminster for a while, potentially as soon as May 4. 

There are a number of Tory MPs who are urging Theresa May to call a snap election in order to build her majority in the House of Commons and take advantage of Labour's parlous state in the polls.

Trevor Kavanagh, a columnist for The Sun, said a snap election is unlikely - but such an outcome would actually be welcomed by many in the Labour party.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "There’s no indication from [Theresa May] or Downing Street an election will be called.

"But there is a huge amount of pressure and a strong argument for her to do so to cash in on her popularity and the unpopularity of the Labour Party.

"It’s be an act of suicide for the Labour Party, but there are some who see no other option. They want to get rid of Corbyn at any cost.

"If they want to go into an election they are doomed to badly lose, this would be the solution to reform the party.

“The idea of them seeing common sense is alien, because they are prepared to go down in glorious defeat than surrender their principles."

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