Snapchat celebrates Stranger Things 2 release with first-ever augmented reality lens

Snapchat celebrates Stranger Things 2 release with first ever augmented reality lens

You can go inside the living room of Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, through the lens

Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things 2 has been released on Netflix today (October 27), but before you settle down to watch the show, you can now go into the Upside Down yourself on Snapchat.

The World Lens is the first of its kind on the app as it uses augmented reality so you can feel as if you are in Joyce Byers' living room.

The room even has alphabet graffiti, fairy lights and a giant hole in the wall and if you tap on certain objects you'll be in for a surprise.

The view is made even more realistic by the doorway, as you can still see the real world through it. However sadly for some, this feature is only available for those with the iPhone 6S or higher and with iOS 11.

But luckily you can still take a look through the lens without the door feature by using other smartphones.

If you want to use the feature, you can Shazam the Stranger Things theme tune, or simply open the Snapchat app in rear camera mode and scroll through the options.

Another lens by Stranger Things is set to be released later today (October 27) which includes the swimming pool where Barb went missing.

There will also be a third lens unveiled which can make you look like you're having Eleven’s nosebleed.