Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump and the blind decorator - Comedian Dave Hill reveals all to The Two Mikes

Comedian Dave Hill reveals what it's like to work with Donald Trump!

Dave Hill joined the Two Mikes at talkRADIO today

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

US comedian Dave Hill joined the Two Mikes in the talkRADIO studio on Wednesday and revealed that in a 'past life' he has worked alongside rapper Snoop Dogg and current US presidential candidate and all-round controversy-magnet Donald Trump. 

Hill told the Mikes all about his brush with Trump, creating a ringtone of the then Apprentice-star's voice in 2004.

"I thought I would just write 'you're fired' [as the script], but they said he can't say that because NBS owns the rights." Hill explained. 

"Just to give you a sense of the kind of negotiator he is, he didn't even get the rights to his own catchphrase.

"His office is just gold. It looks like a blind decorator was given an unlimited budget. It's like a cartoon character's version of a rich man."

The comic also revealed what happened when he opened a show for Snoop Dogg. 

Listen to the interview to find out more

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