Snow, lightning, and a gas explosion - the freakiest accidents caught on video

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Snow - one of the causes of one of the weirdest freak accidents

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Everyone can have an accident, but these ones are just weird. 

From frozen snow to bolts of lightning, these accidents range from unfortunate to unlikely all the way to unexpected, but they did happen - and there's video proof.

Check out the list below:

This freak windshield smash


Safe to say they weren't expecting this on their scenic motorway drive.

A Canadian driver, Kevin McGraw, was driving on a stretch of New Brunswick motorway when a chunk of frozen snow fell off a truck and smashed through his windshield. 

Neither McGraw nor his wife was hurt, although his wife was showered in glass.

Another unexpected smash to the windshield

Apparently, a girl named Wendy Cobb in North Carolina was cruising right behind this truck, filming the vehicle because she wanted to prove it was driving dangerously. But it's safe to say that majorly backfired on her. 

While driving along the trunk in front hit a large piece of timber, and it riccocheted straight through her windshield.

Fortunately, she wasn't hurt in the incident. 

Girl nearly gets struck by lightning

This young woman in Australia had a close shave with a bolt of lightning earlier this year. 

In the video the woman can be seen running towards the sea, her boyfriend filming her. As she's pottering about on the rocks, a lightning bolt strikes about four metres from where she's standing. 

Both the girl and her boyfriend survived the remarkable incident, despite being badly shaken.

Man's car explodes while he's inside it

This incident took place in Rochester, New York. The footage shows a man getting inside his car before it is rocked by a powerful explosion. Out flies the man, rolling on the floor to extinguish the flames.

After the crash investigators established that something ignited vapors from a gasoline can inside a car, causing the explosion. 

He was treated for second and third degree burns, but lived to tell the tale.