'SNP assume Brexit will be a disaster and then it can push Scottish independence', says journalist

'SNP assume Brexit will be disaster and then it can push Scottish independence', says journalist

Nicola Sturgeon is still expected to mention independent (Stock image)

Monday, October 9, 2017

The SNP is assuming that Brexit will be a disaster which will allow it to pursue Scottish independence, according to a leading journalist.

The SNP conference has started in Glasgow, however surprisingly the issue of Scottish independence is not up for debate.

Alex Massie, Scotland editor at The Spectator, told Sam Delaney the SNP's poor results at the last election have "stripped the party of its moral authority to make the case for a second independence referendum any time soon."

However "when the full impact of Brexit becomes apparent that’s when the SNP thinks, because they assume Brexit will be a disaster and people will want to escape it, that’s when they think their opportunity will arise again" for an independence referendum.

He added that the public "may dislike the impact of Brexit when that impact becomes apparent, but whether they dislike it enough to then vote for independence for the additional uncertainty...that’s something that some people in the SNP worry about. But that, it has to be said is a minority view at present."

Despite the "curiously flat atmosphere at SNP conference this year", Massie said, independence "remains on the agenda. Nicola Sturgeon will make a nod to it tomorrow in her speech I imagine" and "that will get the biggest ovation of her speech."

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