SNP politician John Mason in hot water over 'girl doesn't say yes first time' tweet

Scottish MSP in hot water over 'girl doesn't say yes first time' tweet

John Mason after winning his seat

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A member of the Scottish National Party has sparked a firestorm after a particular tweet he put out on Twitter. 

John Mason, the representative for Glasgow Shettleston, in response to a question regarding Scottish independence on the social network, responded by tweeting this:

The choice of words has prompted accusations from fellow Twitter users that Mason "trivialised rape culture", and have piled a heap of criticism and condemnation upon the MSP for Glasgow Shettleston. 

Speaking to local media, Mason defended himself against the accusations. 

He maintained the comment was innocent, referring to a rejection given when asking a girl for a relationship or out to dinner when they are first asked.

He insisted it referred to trying to "woo" Scotland over the idea of independence, and that his tweets "get twisted" all of the time.