'The SNP wants to rebuild Hadrian's Wall with machine guns' - George Galloway calls out Nicola Sturgeon

'SNP has declared a policy which implies rebuilding of Hadrian's wall with machine guns' - George Galloway challenges Nicola Sturgeon over second Scottish Indyref

Nicola Sturgeon

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

George Galloway has challenged Nicola Sturgeon over her quest for Scottish independence, saying the Scottish National Party has "declared a policy which implies rebuilding Hadrian's wall with machine guns."

Yesterday, the Scottish First Minister repeated that Scotland - which voted overwhelmingly for remain in the EU referendum - should remain in the single market after Brexit along with the rest of the UK. 

She said independence was "democratically justifiable" in the wake of the vote, and set up a special council to examine all of Scotland's options - including a second referendum. 

George Galloway challenged the First Minister to "bring it on" and suggested the UK was a far more democratic institution than the European Union.

Galloway continued: "I say, and I've said it before, the Scottish people have a right to independence. They have a right to an independence referendum any time and as often as they like.

"And I'm saying to Nicola Sturgeon: bring it on, because your policy can only bring strife and trouble at a time when we don't need either between Scotland and the rest of Britain.

"A Scottish National party that says it doesn't want a hard border with England has just declared a policy that necessitates - for reasons of smuggling, immigration, national security - and implies nothing less than a rebuilding of Hadrian's wall with machine guns. 

"You couldn't get a harder border than the border that will be required if Nicola Sturgeon proceeds with her plan."