Soldier who tried to burgle Manchester United star Wayne Rooney jailed for two years

Wayne Rooney was away at his testimonial when the attempted burglary took place

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Former serviceman Robert McNamara has been jailed for two years for attempting to burgle football star Wayne Rooney's Cheshire mansion.

McNamara, 24, a former sapper who discharged himself in 2013, pled guilty to attempting to enter the striker's family home in Cheshire as a trespessar with intent to steal.

The incident took place on Wednesday August 3 while Rooney and his family were away at the Manchester United striker's testimonial.

A court heard that McNamara, from Scarborough, was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of his time in Afghanistan, and his six years in the army had left him at "crisis point."

McNamara's lawyers claimed it was this which compelled him to drive 130 miles to Rooney's home in Prestbury, armed with a set of cable ties, with the intention of breaking in.

However all he succeeded in doing was trigger the mansion's security system and cause police to race to the property.