Soldiers' Jeremy Corbyn target ‘paints worrying picture’ of armed forces

MOD Jeremy Corbyn target ‘paints a worrying bigger picture’

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Paul Sweeney, a Labour MP and a former Army Reserve Officer, has said that the video of soldiers shooting at a target of the Labour leader’s face “paints a worrying bigger picture”.

The Ministry of Defence are investigating after footage emerged of soldiers using a photo of Jeremy Corbyn as target practice.

Originally posted to Snapchat, the video shows four troops firing at a poster of the Labour leader, captioned: "Happy with that."



The MP for Glasgow North East told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “It paints a worrying bigger picture. We have also seen men in uniform posing for a photo with Tommy Robinson. I find that quite sinister.”

The photo of Mr Robinson with a group of young soldiers appeared on his Facebook in October last year.

Mr Sweeney also said the video of the Mr Corbyn target was “very dismaying” when it was revealed on the same day an alleged National Action member appeared in court after admitting to plotting to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

He said: “When we have just had the story of Rosie Cooper being targeted by far-right thugs, and coming up to the three year anniversary of the death of Jo Cox, these reckless actions can influence the wrong type of people.

“We look to the army to show an example so that is why it caused so much disappointment and disgust.”

The MP said that soldiers were expected to be “role models”.

He added: “The army need to be respectful of our democratic system. If people perceive the armed forces to be somehow hostile towards our democratic system then that is very dangerous.”

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