Some military charities are nothing more than fraud scams, claims Iraq war whistleblower Andrew Gilligan

'Charities are not exempt, they should be scrutinised like anything else', says journalist

Andrew Gilligan gives his view on charities

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Leading journalist Andrew Gilligan believes some charities are fraudulent and exploiting donations from official sources.

Gilligan, whose claims of a 'dodgy dossier' were central to the protests around Britain's invasion of Iraq in 2003, told Paul Ross: "There are more than 300 military charities often overlapping and duplicating and some of them are more or less outright frauds."

He added: "I do think there needs to be a bit of a clear-out in the military charity sector.

“I think it’s wrong for [charity] chief executives and their senior staff to treat themselves as some of them do, in the same way as executives of a profit-making business

"They get sort of exempted from scrutiny because people think 'how can this possibly be a bad thing, they’re trying to do good'. 

“They’re massive some of them, they need the same level of scrutiny as anything else."

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