Someone has captured a silkhenge spider being born, and it's awesome

The first ever footage of a silkhenge spider being born is released

The first footage of a silkhenge spider being born has been released

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The first-ever video of a silkhenge spider being born has been released. 

Just over three years ago researcher Troy Alexander found a strange spider web in Peru.

It appeared to have a small picket fence around a white spire. Alexander had never seen his before, so he posted a photo to Reddit to discover what it was.

However, entomologists did not know what species the strange structure had come from.

Alexander worked with ecology graduate student Phil Torres, conducting an eight-day expedition in 2013, to find more of the structures.

They found 45 of the webs on a small island in the middle of a fishpond, discovering they were in fact a pen for spider babies.

Earlier this week in Ecuador, Torres and entomologist Aaron Pomerantz filmed the first live birth of the silkhenge spider.

Scientists are not sure what species it belongs to and no one knows what a mature silkhenge spider looks like.

View footage of the spider birth below