South Korea fires warning shots at North Korea over 'unidentified flying object'

South Korea fires warning shots at North Korea over unidentified flying object

Kim Jong-un reportedly watched a drone attack simulation in 2013 (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

South Korea has fired warning shots towards North Korea after what has been described as an unidentified flying object was spotted over the country.

Seoul’s military believe the uobject was launched from North Korea and local media has reported that it could have been a drone.

A statement by South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff claimed the military first broadcast a warning to North Korea about the object, before it fired any shots.

It also claimed the military has now increased its air surveillance, according to AP.

Yonhap news agency in South Korea said the warning shots consisted of 90 machine gun rounds being shot into the air towards North Korea, but it didn't give a source for the information.

Drones from North Korea are thought to have flown over the South before, as in January 2016 South Korea fired 20 warning shots at the country, after a drone from North Korea crossed the border briefly.

In 2014 South Korean officials claimed several North Korean drones had crossed the border.

Over the past few years North Korea has often talked up its drone programme, and in 2013 state media reported that Kim Jong-un watched a drone attack simulation.