South Korea Winter Olympics to break free condom record

South Korea Winter Olympics to break free condom record

South Korea is to break a Winter Olympic record

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Winter Olympics in South Korea is about to set a record before competition even begins - but it's got nothing to do with what happens on the rinks or slopes.

Instead this record pertains to what happens in the chalets - with organisers claiming they are to hand out more free condoms than at any previous winter games.

Those working at the event are to provide 110,000 condoms, which is 10,000 more than given out at Sochi in 2014 and Vancouver in 2010.

However there are only 2,925 athletes competing, meaning there are actually 37.6 condoms per person on average.

The condoms have been provided by Convenience Co and it said it donated them as it wanted the games to be "successful" and prevent "the spread of the HIV virus"

However a spokesperson said it is not expected that all the condoms will be used by athletes. What will happen to the ones left over you ask? Well, they can be kept as souvenirs.

Organisers said baskets of the condoms will be provided in men's and women's toilets in the villages the athletes will be staying at in Gangneung and Pyeongchang.

They will also be placed in the press centre, medical centres and the media village.