Southern Rail crisis: 'Sorry Jeremy Corbyn but unions have no place in modern Britain'

'Trade unions are inappropriate for Britain and should have immunity from legal action removed', says leading journalist

Leo McKinstry believes unions are no longer relevant (Getty)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unions are no longer relevant in the 21st century and should have their immunity from legal action removed for the consequences of their strikes.

That's according to Daily Express journalist Leo McKinstry, as the RMT union continues a 72-hour strike against Southern Rail this week.

The journalist told Jonny Gould and Ash: "It's telling that all the big trade union bosses are big supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, pushing this radical ideology.

"They have this permanent confrontational mindset that may have been relevant once, when working conditions were far worse and pay was far lower, but it's totally inappropriate for 21st century Britain.

"They have immunity from any legal action [for] damages from the consequences of their strikes.

"That's completely unique - you can't do that with any company or corporation or government or individual, and I think we should end the trade union legal immunity for the damage they cause and bring them into line with the rest of the country, and I think that would make them more responsible."

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