Southern Rail crisis will end in Jeremy Corbyn triumph, says Ken Livingstone

'Staff on Southern Rail are striking because they're frightened about their future', says Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

Monday, December 19, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will profit from the chaos on Britain's rail network and will end up in power, says Ken Livingstone.

Speaking to James Whale and Ash this morning, the former mayor of London also said staff on Southern Rail are right to fight for their rights as they're frightened about their future.

However the veteran left-wing politician and former mayor of London conceded that a negotiation between the unions and Southern Rail must be held.

This morning RMT union members began a fresh strike on the Southern network in the continuing row over the role of guards, bringing chaos and disruption to commuters across the South East.

When James Whale suggested Labour have no-one capable of capitalising on the current rail crisis, Livingstone said Corbyn is ready and able to step in if the government is brought down by the current crisis.

Livingstone also said: "The simple fact is if they want to sort it out they should just sit down and negotiate, not continue to try and undermine the wages and conditions of ordinary people.

"Unions are in a much weaker position...people have come to the end of their tether," he added. “These people aren’t doing this just to make life difficult, they’re doing it because they’re frightened about their future.

“With the growth of robots and technology we’re told that half of the existing jobs are going to be wiped out, are we just going to have vast numbers living on benefits?"

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