Southern Rail customer who threatened to blow up company HQ cleared

David Davies sent an angry email in frustration at Southern Rail delays

David Davies sent an angry email in frustration at Southern Rail delays

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

An angry Southern Rail commuter who threatened to blow up the company's headquarters has been found not guilty at a court in London.

David Davies walked free today (January 10) with the jury finding him not guilty of communicating a bomb hoax in a retrial, two months after an initial hearing ended in deadlock.

Davies, 37, sent an email to Southern Rail in late 2016, which read: “I hope you call the police. This is not a hoax. I will f***ing bomb  your f***ing HQ to f***ing  smithereens”.

In a separate message, he said he wished Southern’s chief executive a “slow and painful death”, adding: “I’m being deadly serious, go f***ing die”.

Davies admitted sending the messages but always denied the charge against him, saying during his trial “I didn’t believe  anyone would take it seriously”, according to the London Evening Standard.

He told his trial: “I wanted to vent my frustration, not expecting the email to be read or expecting to get a response.

“It was blowing off some steam. I had reached boiling point, after a long period of time, because of the frustration and pressure that had grown.”

Southern was blighted by a series of delays and cancellations during late 2016 and 2017, resulting from strikes by two key rail unions - drivers' union Aslef and the RMT, which represents train guards.

The strikes centred on plans to remove guards from trains, which the unions maintained were unsafe.

Although the situation has improved in recent months, the RMT held a fresh strike on the Southern network earlier this week.