Southern Rail savaged for 'bogus' malfunction claims by MP Nick Herbert

Southern Rail has been decimated by strikes in recent months

A Southern Rail employee walks along an empty platform during the ongoing strike

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Conservative MP Nick Herbert has said the malfunction claims made by unions on the Southern Rail network are "bogus" and the technology on the network's trains works perfectly.

Herbert told James Whale that drivers on the Southern network are fabricating faults with the camera technology on their trains, with the ultimate intention of bringing down the Government.

The alleged faults are central to the drivers' claims that it is unsafe to remove the guards from trains and move to driver-only operation.

Herbert said: "Every time the complaints have been investigated by engineers the cameras have been found to be working perfectly. 

"I think it's all part of a campaign by the drivers and the guards... to disrupt this service. These are hard-left union leaders who want to renationalise the railways and bring down the Government.

"It's got completely and utterly out of hand. it's about time this industrial action was exposed for what it was."