Southern Rail strike boss regularly uses driver-only trains, despite campaigning against them

Aslef boss Mick Whelan regularly uses driver-only trains, despite campaigning against them

Mick Whelan regularly uses driver-only trains

Friday, January 6, 2017

The union boss at the centre of the Southern Rail dispute regularly travels to work on trains where the doors are operated by train drivers, according to the Evening Standard.

That is despite the fact that his union's dispute with Southern Rail centres on the claim that such claims are unsafe.

Mick Whelan's union, Aslef, has held several strikes over the issue of safety, which is yet to be resolved with Southern Rail.

This has left passengers in travel chaos, yet figures released under the Freedom of Information act show a drop in dangerous incidents since the introduction of driver-only trains on the London Underground.

In response to the latest news, Whelan told talkRADIO: "As I travel all over the country for my role, and use public transport every day, I can personally attest to the platform interface issues, and societal behaviours, that our members are concerned over. The lone working concerns that are not being addressed or the security issues in this post-Paris and Brussels world.

"It does offend the union and its members to be castigated for honouring existing agreements, whilst hoping to change them, whilst not accepting imposed unsafe working practices on GTR Southern."