Southern Rail's Let's Strike Back tweet 'shows they're oblivious to their passengers'

'Southern Rail are oblivious to what passengers think' after 'Let's strike back tweet', says leading travel journalist

The RMT Union plan more strikes (Getty)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Southern Rail's 'Let's strike back' tweet shows the company is "oblivious" to what passengers think, according to leading rail industry journalist Christian Wolmar.

The Southern Railway Twitter account yesterday asked passengers to tweet the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union to express their annoyance at its frequent strikes, imploring followers to "tell them how rail strikes make you feel." 

However many Twitter users turned the tables by tweeting Southern to criticise the company over its handling of the dispute. They are facing five more blocks of strike action from next month.

The Association of British Commuters, a campaign set up to crowd-fund a judicial review into Southern, received a huge number of messages on its Twitter page, and also created its own satirical response to the Southern campaign.

Author and columist Wolmar told Julia Hartley-Brewer "It does show that [Southern] don't really understand what their passengers think.

"Much of it is down to [Southern's] management and obviously they're completely oblivious of this," he explained. "There is a genuine safety issue here and the union are right to highlight it, I think the public have realised that to some extent as well.

"I think it's the way the management have approached this, I'm sure there are compromises to be made here and it's clear that the management and the union is not proerpared to take them."

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