SpaceX cargo capsule aborts mission to International Space Station

SpaceX cargo ship aborts mission to International Space Station

The pilot-less capsule was packed with supplies (Stock image)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship has aborted its mission to the International Space Station, after a software glitch.

It was packed with almost three tonnes of supplies, Nasa said, and is now aiming to launch tomorrow (February 23) instead. 

The capsule, which does not have a pilot, detected an incorrect value in the global positioning system software when it was around 1,200 metres from the station, Space has reported.

NASA spokesman Rob Navias said that astronauts were not in danger and the capsule "did exactly what it was designed to do" in the situation.

The software issue will now be corrected by SpaceX engineers. This is SpaceX's tenth delivery flight for Nasa.

The cargo also includes materials for several biological experiments, but the delay should not impact any science or supplies.

The Dragon capsule should arrive at 11am tomorrow and be caught by a robotic arm. It will be shown on NASA TV, starting at 9am.