SpaceX explosion: 'It failed on a ground test, which is remarkable', says UK Planetary Society

SpaceX explosion: 'This has failed on a ground test which is quite remarkable', says UK Planetary Society

The Falcon 9 was supposed to launch on Saturday

Friday, September 2, 2016

The UK National Coordinator for The Planetary Society has said it's remarkable that the Falcon 9 rocket exploded at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The rocket exploded yesterday (Thursday), destroying the rocket and Amos-6 communications satellite during a prelaunch test.

The preparation was for a launch on Saturday. It was scheduled to deliver Facebook's first satellite into orbit, meant to deliver internet to areas of Saharan Africa. 

Andy Lound, from the Planetary Society, told talkRADIO just how difficult rocket launches are.

"It's also a good reminder just how difficult and complicated it is launching any vehicle at all, you've got a situation where 100% of the items have to work perfectly for 99.9% of the time."

But Lound continued by saying "this has failed on a ground test which is quite remarkable. You've still lost the satellite, but there might be more of an opportunity into working out what went wrong.

"This is just a minor setback, this is what happens like in the early days of airplanes. They will get there."

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