SpaceX to send lethal MRSA superbug to International Space Station

SpaceX to send lethal superbug to International Space Station

SpaceX will send bacterium to the International Space Station

Thursday, February 9, 2017

SpaceX is planning on sending the MRSA bacterium to the International Space Station in the hope of unlocking the secrets of its future development.

The lethal superbug, which is resistant to many forms of antibiotics, will be used for space-based science experiments in the hope that scientists will get a better idea of how to treat it.

Lead researcher Doctor Anita Goel told Forbes that the experiment at the space station could cause the mutation rate of MRSA to accelerate, and so scientists will be able to predict how the bug will adapt and change on earth, planning for mutation patterns before they happen.

Those at the station are ready to receive the pathogen next week, Digital Trends reported.

MRSA has sparked widespread infection fears across the UK, and one analyst has suggested the testing market for the bug could grow at an annual rate of 11% a year until 2021.

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