Spain seeking to end 'Hitler time' and set watches to GMT

Hitler supported Franco's Fascists during the Spanish Civil War

Franco seen with Hitler in 1940

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Spanish Government has announced it is seeking to finally reverse General Franco's decision to align the country's clocks with those of Nazi Germany.

Employment and social security minister Fatima Banez has announced that the Government intends to pursue new legislation which will facilitate moving the country away from Central European Time and onto Greenwich Mean Time.

Franco, the Fascist dictator who ruled Spain from 1939 until 1975, changed the national clocks in 1942, ordering his people to move their watches forward an hour.

The decision was taken to curry favour with Adolf Hitler, whose Nazi regime supported Franco during the Spanish civil war and provided the Fascists with military machines such as the Stuka dive-bombers which wreaked destruction upon Guernica.

As a result Spain, whose clocks should be aligned with those of Britain, instead follows the time of Germany.

Spain wasn't the only country to set its watches by those in Berlin; in fact Britain, Germany's opponent, did the same. But whereas the British clocks reverted to GMT when the war ended, Spanish time remained aligned with central Europe. 

Critics of Franco's decision suggest that, due to the chronological alliance with Hitler, Spanish people have to work more hours and leave work later than their counterparts across Europe.