Spanish Fascists make Nazi salute at funeral of Franco's vice-president

Jose Utrera Molina's coffin dismissed with Nazi salute and pro-Franco anthem

The coffin was given a Nazi salute

Monday, April 24, 2017

Spanish fascists made the Nazi salute and sang falangist songs at the funeral of a man who once served as Franco's vice-president.

Jose Utrere Molina, who served as Franco's second-in-command during the final years of his reign, died on Saturday (April 22) at the age of 91.

Molina remained loyal to Franco and fascism long after the dictator's death. He published two sets of memoirs lauding the achievements of Franco's regime and consistently opposed the removal of fascist monuments as Spain transitioned to democracy.

A service of remembrance was held at the church of in Nerja, Malaga on Sunday. As his coffin left the church, a group of people lined the two sides of the door and formed a guard for the casket, their arms outstretched in a Nazi gesture.

They also sang two songs favoured by Franco, Viva España and Cara al Sol. The coffin was not put fully inside the hearse until the crowd had finished singing the song.

Watch video of the fascist demonstration below:


Brazo en alto, cara al sol. Y ahí, un exministro de justicia del España.

— Alberto Arce (@alberarce) April 23, 2017