Spanish Nazi launches into 'Heil Hitler' rant on packed Madrid metro train

The commuter expressed support for Adolf Hitler

The Madrid commuter said he wished for Adolf Hitler to come back

Friday, September 8, 2017

Commuters on a packed Madrid metro train were horrified to witness a fellow passenger launch into an extraordinary racist rant, culminating in the cry of "Heil Hitler".

The incident took place on Thursday (September 7) at the Republica Argentina metro stop, and was caught on camera by a fellow passenger.

At first it appeared the man was having a slightly animated conversation with a female passenger, who was wearing a heascarf. But it then transpired that he was ranting, spouting far-right statements.

In the video, the man be seen getting off the train, while abusing his fellow travellers.

He is seen telling a South American man "what you need to do is go back to your f*****g country" and then he tells the woman in the headscarf "we don't want Arabs in Madrid."

He goes on to tell the startled carriage "I wish the guy with the moustache would come back and put all of you on a f****g boat. I was going to pay for it with my own money."

Finally he signs off by shouting 'Heil Hitler' as fellow passengers encourage him to walk away.

The video can be seen here: